Phytonia Vita C 10 Natural Solution



RM 360.00

Phytonia Vita C10 Natural Solution
Pack Si 30 ml
Color Watery White - light light yellow
Texture Watery Lotion
Feeling sticky
Recomanded To use with combination of Serum after Vita C10

 (ative ingredient 47%)

Non irritative pure vitamin C Liquid with phyto estrogn

Pure vitamin C.Stabilized by botanical maerial for the frst time in the world, other vitamin C liquid stabilized by chemicals causing skin irritation.

Containing 10% phyto estrogen and pure vitamin C 10% supplied from Roche.

World Famous pharmaceutical company in Switzerland.

Whitening,improvement of freckles, blemishes, discoloration, dark cicles, anti-oxidation, anti-inflammation, improvement of skin tone, relieving skintroubles.

Oxidation of vitamin takes 6 months at temperature 60 C with cap opening in care of other vitamin liquid products, oxidation time is under 2 months with the same experiment.

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